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Cheap hotels and hostels in Asia

Chairs and palm trees at sunset

Asia can be anything you want it to be - go for the people, the ecology and the food. Or simply go for sun and relaxation. Whatever Asia is to you , the chances are that we'll be able to deliver what you are looking for.

We have accommodation options throughout Asia - so ask us for a quote now!

Phuket accommodation guide

Cheap hotels & hostels in Phuket

Let us organise your dream vacation in Phuket with amazing and well-priced accommodation deals. Learn more >

Bangkok accommodation guide

Cheap hotels & hostels in Bangkok

Bangkok can sometimes seem a little daunting to first time visitors so get something organised. Make the most of your Thai experience with a truly tranquil place to lay your head. Learn more >

Singapore accommodation guide

Cheap hotels & hostels in Singapore

Go beyond the airport and explore this marvellous city in full. You can't walk even a few metres without encountering a wonderful waft of irresistible Asian food. Learn more >

Hong Kong accommodation guide

Cheap hotels & hostels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a truly fantastic place - but it can get a little mad sometimes and is definitely somewhere that requires a little bit of organisation. Book your accommodation with us before you go! Learn more >

Beijing accommodation guide

Cheap hotels & hostels in Beijing

We've got a huge variety of hostels and hotels in Beijing  - so you've got a cool place to lay your head! Don't expose yourself to the magical mania of China without booking your accommodation with us first! Learn more >

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