Discover an unexpected side of Europe with our Winter Europe tours. Travelling in Autumn, Winter or Spring means less queues, fewer crowds and cheaper entry fares, giving you more time (and budget) to do the things you love, like hunting out delicious local treats or haggling on that must have leather bag.

R500 Secures your Contiki Winter - Only available until 30 June 2018!


Christmas in Paris

FR. R5,175

2 Countries l 4 Days
Year round, Paris has the ability to make us weak at the knees with its idyllic, starry-eyed vibes. And this only escalates when it is blanketed in snow and sparked by Christmas day sentiments. Make tracks out of London and enjoy the festivities and winter wonderland that is a traditional European Christmas.


New Year in Amsterdam

FR. R7,775

4 Countries l 4 Days
If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Amsterdam is the city that never forgets to throw a good New Year's. With 4-days on your side you'll uncover the hidden clubs, find the best cafes and have plenty of time to enjoy the endless cuteness of the city in between festivities. Did we mention free drinks?


Austria Ski

FR. R6,755SAVE R1,190

1 Countries l 8 Days
Eat, sleep, plough through powder, repeat. That's the name of the game on this week of play in the Austrian Alps of Tyrol. This incredible region is ramped up on Contiki with a stopover in Contiki's Austrian Gasthof, access to Contiki's exclusive bar, day trips and English speaking instructors.


Vienna & Budapest

FR. R8,490SAVE R945

3 Countries l 5 Days
Take in the atmosphere of cosmopolitan Vienna and surprisingly beautiful Budapest on this tour with two nights in each city. City tours in both capitals as well as a plenty of info on the best museums, shopping and places to eat all come as part of the package. Why not extend your tour by starting in Berlin and spending a few nights in Prague as well by joining our Berlin to Budapest tour?


Western Europe

FR. R11,031SAVE R754

3 Countries l 8 Days
Kick-start your experience with two nights in Paris, then wind down France through Bordeaux to the sun in Spain & beautiful San Sebastain. Catch some more rays in Barcelona, between seeing the astonishing Sagrada Familia & soaking up the vibrant atmosphere & indulging in some serious tapas tasting!


Eastern Rocker

FR. R11,409

5 Countries l 8 Days
Tick off four of Europe's biggest & best capital cities in 8 days! Get amongst Amsterdam's legendary nightlife, the gritty street art & history of Berlin, spectacular Gothic spires in Prague and sumptuous elegance of Vienna. Each of these cities is unique, which make this the perfect tour for experiencing loads of cultures in a short amount of time.


Italian Espresso

FR. R12,900SAVE R1,045

6 Cities l 8 Days
Like a well-made espresso, this tour is a short, strong hit of all things Italian! Walk in the footsteps of Roman Emperors & throw your 3 coins in the Trevi fountain. Enjoy traditional Tuscan hospitality, art & architecture in Renaissance Florence. Then finish up by wandering the tiny streets of Venice.


European Magic

FR. R14,539SAVE R1,175

7 Countries l 9 Days
European Magic takes the tried & tested favourite destinations of travellers through Europe & packs them into 1 awesome itinerary - 7 countries in just over a week. The beauty of this tour is seeing so much in a short space of time & knowing that each day is guaranteed to bring something completely different from the day before!


Berlin to Budapest

FR. R18,215SAVE R3,215

5 Countries l 11 Days
This tour encompasses the big 4 of eastern Europe - Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Having two or three nights in each city will mean you have a chance to really discover the cities in depth. You'll also pop in to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, for lunch!


European Discovery

FR. R19,269SAVE R1,562

9 Countries l 12 Days
If trips were like courses at a dinner party, the European Discovery would be the appetiser. 8 countries in one shot gives you a taste of all the big cities plus some hidden treasures, so you know where to go next time! From Amsterdam to Rome to Paris, you won't want to miss a thing. In fact, sleep will probably be the last thing on your mind!


European Inspiration

FR. R24,570SAVE R4,335

10 Countries l 19 Days
A few weeks up your sleeve to really discover the west of Europe during the cosy winter months? Coasting around the best spots on The European Inspiration holiday is your answer. With 2-nights in each major location - think Paris, Prague, Florence, Berlin - you'll settle into the groove of Europe & know which places deserve a round two.


European Vista

FR. R26,005SAVE R4,589

11 Countries l 20 Days
The Swiss Alps, the French Riviera and Rhine Valley collide with hotspots like Amsterdam, Prague, Rome & Paris, creating a perfectly balanced adventure of scenery & cities. See the Royal Palace in Monaco, learn the art of leather in Florence, & snap gondolas drifting down the canals of Venice. All whilst enjoying the charming winter mood & a spot of hot mulled wine on the side.


European Encounter

FR. R25,110SAVE R2,789

9 Countries l 12 Days
Small budget, small window of time, big list of Must Dos? The rugged up winter wonderland of the European Encounter should do the trick. Make your way through 10 countries, catching some rays on the Italian Riviera, downing pizza in Rome & exploring castles in Prague. If you know a better way to spend your trip, we need to hear about it!


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