On the Road

We’re going to throw this out there; the world is HUGE! So to make things easier and inspire a few gap year ideas, we’ve got a series of pretty awesome and flexible transport options that get you around with no hassle, no sweat and absolutely NO worries!

Hit the road and go where you want, when you want and how you want. Sweet!

Adventure tours

Gap Year Travel, Inca Trail

Our tours offer a variety of money-can't-buy experiences, in some of the world's most enigmatic destinations.

Landed in Hanoi and need to get to Bangkok for your next flight? Flying into Lima but out of Cuzco? Get from city to city or country to country on an adventure tour, and you’re guaranteed to see the best hot spots and hidden highlights on the way.

Ranging from a few days to a few months, tours are the perfect blow out for the carefree brigade; expect to be dunked in rivers and dangled off bridges, knowing that all your accommodation and transport are in the capable hands of your tour leader.

Could you imagine trying to talk yourself into spending Sunday with the local Shamans in a Mexican indigenous village? Or maybe you’d like to sleep over with Borneo’s Iban tribe? All adventure tour leaders are clued up on the local area (quiz them, they love it) and have respectable relationships with the locals -- they’ll be able to take you to the best cultural hot spots and get you going native in no time.

And as much as we love hostel hopping every night, our adventure tours set you up with some pretty unique accommodation and transport options; from jungle huts, camping and home stays to tuk tuks, rickshaw to camels, you’re going to sleep well and get from A to B in style. Yep, your mates will be jealous.  

Hop-on hop-off busses

Gap Year Ideas, bus travelWherever you are in the world, there's a high chance you're within thumbing distance of our local hop-on hop-off bus services. They're one of the most cost-efficient, sociable and fun ways to travel.

Don’t let the word ‘bus’ mislead you – these modes of transport are pretty pimping. You like comfy and spacious seats with air conditioning right? There also won’t be any ‘waiting around and two come along at once’ situations either – regular departures and set time tables are paramount. Phew!

If you see yourself as independent traveller, and you want to get friendly with a whole host of fellow indie travellers then flexible bus passes are your number ONE. Get the freedom to travel where you want, when you want and for how long you want. It’s basically all about you!

PLUS, as well as having a local know-it-all guide on board, most passes include a shed load of activites; from surfing to skydiving in Australia to waterfalls and Mayan ruins in Central America.

Hop-on and hop-off to your heart's content in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Rail Travel

Travelling long distances can sometimes be a little stressful…unless of course you travel by train! There isn’t a more peaceful, or relaxing way to get about the globe than by rail travel. The great rail routes are more than just journeys, they are experiences in themselves. As you calmly weave between the tapestry of eclectic lands you can sit back and absorb the sights of passing country's and continents.

Train journeys will take you through sleepy villages and vast landscapes that can't be seen by other modes of transport. It's also easy on the environment, so if you're worried about your carbon footprint then bag yourself a rail pass and rest assured that you're doing your bit.
Travel by train: Eurostar | InterRail | Australia | USA | Canada

Road Trips

Gap years are all about freedom right? Well, nothing screams freedom more than a road trip! Get some mates, stock up on the jelly sweets and hit the open road in one of our cars or campervans.

Gap Year Travel, on the roadCampervans
If you're looking for a convenient way to travel, maximum independence and a room with a view, then we've got just the ride. Our modern campervans give you the unique opportunity to park right on the doorstep of the world.

Car Hire
Sling your life in the boot and hit the slow-lane for an amazing adventure with our independent car hire. We only partner with trusted hire companies to ensure you're given a service that offers you the unbridled freedom of the open road, with an integrated support network if you need it.

Overlanding Africa

Gap Year ideas, Africa overlandGap years are all about the adventure, and if you want to get as far removed from the world as you know it, then you must must MUST get some overlanding into your itinerary.

Go off-road on a purpose built burly truck, leave the tourist trail behind and get right under the skin of a destination. Whether you’re travelling from Johannesburg to Vic Falls or taking in the best of Southern Africa, these experience-packed tours will not disappoint. 

Help set up camp each night, prepare meals and work with your fellow adventurers to cross the rivers, plains and passes of Africa. Your mum will be so proud!

Do it your way

See! We told you there are loads of options to help you get around this grand globe on your gap year. We'll match up your flights, hotels, tours and transport into an unforgettable trip for you and your friends. There's plenty to choose from… so make an appointment at your local branch, and talk it through with one of our travel consultants.

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