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Work Abroad

You've just finished high school. Or you need a break from your regular 9-5. Or you just want a travel adventure of a lifetime?! Broaden your horizons and see the world! Work abroad with us; we've got something for everyone! From being an au pair, working on the cruise ships, being a counselor at summer camp, and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous on super yachts, to teaching English overseas, farming on the Kibbutz, studying in New Zealand, and interning in the USA... Your future starts here.

Important dates to diarise

Dates to diarise

Make sure you diarise these important dates to find out more about our work abroad programmes! View dates

Au Pair Europe

Au Pair abroad

As an Au Pair in Europe (either Holland or Germany), you will become part of the family where you will get to learn and partake in the various different traditions, holidays, celebrations and cultures. View more

Au Pair in the USA

Work as an au pair

As an Au Pair, you take part in the day-to-day routine of your host family, whilst experiencing life in the USA and participating in family activities. View more

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Photography

Work, earn and travel as a photographer on a cruise ship!  See the world before you settle down! The Cruise Ship Photography Course was custom-designed according to their technical standards and the only South African Training Certificate accepted by the Cruise Ship Photographic industry. View more

Hospitality Internships - USA

Gain experience in the USA

The internship program provides an excellent opportunity to persons who have studied a course (or worked for 5 years if no qualification) in the fields of  Hospitality Management/Culinary Management/Hotel Management or Tourism Management. View more

Kibbutz Israel

Work in Israel

This exciting and unique program offers young travellers the opportunity to experience life on a Kibbutz in Israel. View more

Ski Season USA

Work at a ski resort

Students - this is all about the experience and living and working in the USA during their winter which falls conveniently over your summer holidays. View more

Student Work - USA

Work in the USA

This is a great opportunity to obtain international work experience and travel. Find out more

Study Overseas

Study Abroad

Our study programs offer you the opportunity to study in the UK, Ireland or New Zealand. View more

Summer Camp in the USA

Summer Camp USA

Spend the summer vacation period (June-August) being totally immersed in the cultural tradition of ‘summer camps’ in the USA. This is a relatively short program (9-11 weeks) - so not a full year's commitment. View more

Teach English in Asia

Teach Asia & Teach Thailand

Whether you plan to pursue a career in education, have a passion for helping others or are ready for an adventure in another country, teaching English overseas can be an excellent alternative to the traditional employment path. View more

TEFL course: Teach English overseas

TEFL course

Get qualified to teach English overseas with a TEFL course. A TEFL course (Teach English as a Foreign Language) qualification is your ticket to finding a teaching job overseas. There are jobs available all over the world. View more

Gap year planning

Budgeting, vaccinations, packing and more

Essential advice on planning your gap year, from budgeting to packing to staying healthy. Preparing properly for a trip is very important, not just when and where to go, but also what you take with you and what precautions to take. View more

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Airport selection

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