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Multiflex Pass

Want the freedom to change your travel dates whenever you want? We’ve got just the ticket!
On average, an STA traveller on a round the world trip will change their flight dates 5 times. By buying your date changes up front you could save over R1,000 and change your mind during your trip, without having to worry about the cost (or airline fees charged by other travel companies.)

Multiflex Passes - exclusive to STA Travel


Get 1 flight date change for R1000

Get unlimited flight date changes for R1500 

  • Save by buying up front 
  • Freedom to change your mind during your trip
  • No extra airline fees (charged by other travel companies)

Multiflex Passes are restricted to certain flight ticket types.  If you haven't already had your eligibility confirmed via email or by an STA Travel consultant please call us on 0861 781 781 or visit your local branch or make an email enquiry.

See full terms and conditions

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