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Insurance Premiums

You can't control everything that happens to you when you're backpacking, so it pays to try to protect yourself against those potential injuries, stomach infections or lost belongings and travel with insurance. We're proud to offer a range of travel insurance policies of all lengths and types of cover so that you can tailor your cover to suit your trip. Get your single trip or annual multi-trip travel insurance from STA Travel from only 35p per day.

Schedule of Benefits  

 International Worldwide Cover    USA Cover  
 1. EMERGENCY MEDICAL AND RELATED EXPENSES     R10,000,000   R10,000,000
 A. Medical expenses - Adventure sports    R500,000 (Optional additional premium)    R500,000 (Optional additional premium)
 B. Related expenses    
 Optical expenses   R2,000   R2,000
 Provisional pain-stilling dental treatment   R2,000   R2,000
 Repatriation of mortal remains and coffin expenses   Real Expense   Real Expense
  Compassionate emergency visit by any one person   R15,000   R15,000
 Hospital Cash Benefit   Nil   Nil
 C. Medical Expenses - Terrorism   R100,000   R100,000
 D. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions   R100,000   R100,000
 ***Pre-Existing Excess   hospitalisation of 48 hours   hospitalisation of 48 hours
 E. Medical Evacuation/Repatriation/Transportation   Real Expense   Real Expense
***Medical Excess   R1,500 outpatient for each and every claim   R1,500 outpatient for each and every claim
 In-flight   R50,000   R50,000
Not in-flight   R50,000   R50,000
 Cash Advances   Assistance   Assistance
 Emergency travel and accommodation arrangements   Assistance   Assistance
 Transmission of urgent messages   Assistance   Assistance
 Legal Assistance   R15,000   R15,000
 24 Hour Nurse Line   Assistance   Assistance
 Consular referral   Assistance   Assistance
 Trauma Line   Assistance   Assistance
 4. CANCELLATION   R15,000   R15,000
 Curtailment   R10,000   R10,000
 Missed connection (Min. 4 hr connecting time)   R 2,000   R 2,000
 Natural Disaster Cover   R 3,000   R 3,000
 Travel Supplier Insolvency Cover   R 5,000   R 5,000
 ***Section 4: Excess    10% of claim, min. R500    10% of claim, min. R500
 Theft or Damage to Baggage   R10,000    R10,000
 Accidental Loss of Baggage   Nil   Nil
 ***Baggage Excess   10% of claim, min. R500   10% of claim, min. R500
 Single item limit   R 1,500   R 1,500
 Cash /Travel doc's (R250 Excess)   R 1,000   R 1,000
 Baggage Delay (6 hrs min.)   R 1,000   R 1,000
 Snow Sport Cover: Ski Equipment   R 1,000   R 1,000
      Ski Pack   R 4,000   R 4,000
     Avalanche Closure   R 4,000   R 4,000
     Piste Closure   R 4,000   R 4,000
 6. Travel Delay (6 hrs min.)   R 1,000   R 1,000
 7. Personal Liability (Excess: R1,000)   R2,000,000   R2,000,000
 8. Hijack of Public Transportation (24hrs min.)   R 5,000 (R500 p.d.)   R 5,000 (R500 p.d.)
 Accumulation limit   R5,000,000   R5,000,000

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply

*R3 per day assumes an individual under 35 years of age with Blue European Budget cover for a period of 24 months. Mobile telephone shown in image is only covered if applicable electrical item add on is purchased.

 Premiums   International Worldwide Cover  USA Cover
  1 - 21 Days   R 595   R 700
  1 Month   R 695   R 800
  2 Months   R 780   R1,100
  3 Months   R 995   R1,400
  4 Months   R1,250   R1,600
  5 Months   R1,386   R1,750
  6 Months   R1,470   R1,900
  12 Months   R2,150   R2,400
  13 - 24 Months   Extension on request   Extension on request


EXTENSION - 7 Days prior to expiring subject to underwriting criteria

 YOUTH COVER - This policy will automatically extend if you are on home leave in the RSA.

 The home leave period may not be more that 60 consecutive days.
There will be no cover whilst in RSA.

 *INSURED PERIOD COVERED: date of departure to date back in country as per airline ticket.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL COVER                             
  Adventure Sports & Snow Sports (medical expenses)                                                                   R500,000         
  1 month      R 100
  2 months     R 200
  3 months     R 300
  4 months     R 400
  5 months     R 500
  6 months     R 600
  12 months     R1,000


STA Travel Limited is an Appointed Representative of Mondial Assistance (UK) Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The insurance is underwritten by AGA International S.A.