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Summer Camp USA

Applications open from September to March. The earlier you apply, the sooner we can place you.

General Overview 

Do you enjoy being around kids, love being involved with outdoor activities and really want to spend the USA summer having some fun?

Well, this is a great option for the responsible but young at heart adventurous person. You’ll spend the summer vacation (June-August) being totally immersed in the cultural tradition of ‘summer camps’. 

This is a relatively short programme (9-11 weeks), so not a full year’s commitment, but certainly just as rewarding! We offer placements at thousands of different types of camps throughout the USA.

Basic Requirements 
•Be at least 18 years of age by the 1st June
•Two or more camp related skills ( eg. sports, arts & crafts, performing arts etc)
•Enjoy working with children
•Funds to travel