Super Yachts


Programme Overview 

Travel the world! Explore the ocean! Rub shoulders with the rich and famous! Make a bundle of money! If this sounds like something you’d like to do you should join the wonderful world of Super Yachting!

These massive private and commercially owned super yachts hire crew from all over the world to work as stewardesses (interior), deck crew (exterior) or engineers (engine room).

We can assist you with the following to get you started in the industry:
•Visa Requirements 
•CV layout and structure 
•Offshore Banking information
•Where to go
•When is the best time to go 
•Direct contacts within agencies 
•Agency web pages 
•How to progress within the industry 
•Courses required at all levels 
•Training manual and deck rating info and advice 
•Interview tips 
•Course information including booking of courses 
•Accommodation and flight information
Basic Requirements
• Aged at least 21 years
• Exceptionally well presented
• Must be fit and healthy (the work is very physical)
• Basic safety training and medical exam