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Thailand Deals

Thailand Deals

Are you ready to Discover Thailand? Officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand. The jewel of the East.

From the bustling and frenetic capital of Bangkok to the original Thai paradise island of Phuket to the many islands each

representing a different piece of heaven.

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The full spelling of its capital, Bangkok, was clearly finalised before the days of Twitter. It is known to Thais as Krung Thep Maha Nakho, but its full ceremonial name is Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit (a Tweet-busting 169 characters).

Thailand has 1,430 islands, among the most famous of which is Koh Phi Phi Lee – it featured in Danny Boyle’s film The Beach.

One of the country’s most unusual festivals is the annual Monkey Buffet, held in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi province. More than 600 monkeys are invited to feast on over two tonnes of grilled sausage, fresh fruit, ice cream and other treats. The locals see it as a thank you to the monkeys which inhabit the village and bring thousands of tourists there each year.

Thailand is the world’s 20th most populous country, with close to 67 million people.