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Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Witness jaw-dropping historical sights, stumble happily from gigantic beer halls, fall madly in love with the world’s most romantic cities, yodel yourself hoarse on green pastured mountain peaks … and come face-to-face with Europe.



Explore France

France, C'est magnifique! See cosmospolitan Paris in all its grandeur, sprawling central vineyards and the sparkly seas of the Cote d'Azure. Learn more >


Explore Germany

From the beerhalls and festivals of Bavaria to the trendy nightlife, culture and historical legacy of Berlin, Germany has far more to offer than just sauwerkraut! Learn more >


England, Scotland & Wales

Visit the magnificent icons of London; including Big Ben, The London Eye, and the West End. Alternatively, venture into the Great British countryside for some fresh air and beautiful scenery. Learn more >


Explore Netherlands

Think clogs, canals, elegant architecture, famous red light districts, coffee shops, Vincent Van Gogh and Anne Frank. Learn more >


Explore Turkey

Turkey is a country with many facets; with a rich history and culture, ruined castels, old battlegrounds and beautiful beaches Learn more >

Czech Republic

Explore Prague

Hosting the prettiest capital city in Europe, the Czech Republic, and its delicious beers, is one country not to miss. Learn more >


Expore Italy

With so much on offer; fantastic architecture, great food and wine, glorious sunshine, and the romance, Italy is a destination not to be missed. Learn more >


Explore Spain

Magnificent art museums, amazing architecture, mediterranean chic, sun soaked beaches and beautiful food. You will be shouting Viva Espana in no time!

Learn more >


Explore Ireland

Ireland has a lot more to offer than just the black stuff - visit a land of lush green countryside, beautiful rugged coastline, medieval castles and local legends. Learn more >


Explore Greece

From ancient to modern, Greece is a myriad of beautiful beaches, quaint villages and the best food and drink for miles. Learn more >


Discover Russia

From Russia with love...Russia has an intricate, rich and somewhat dark history, which undoubtably adds to its diverse culture. Learn more >


Discover Croatia

Travel around Croatia and stop off for a sailing safari on the Southern Adriatic Sea - swim, snorkle and sunbathe!
Learn more >

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