Travel checklist

We have devised a checklist to help you with your travel preparation, covering all elements from destination guides, top 10 tips and any other needs or enquiries you may have before and while you travel.


Find the answers to your frequently asked questions

There are always a hundred and one questions when we choose to go travelling, STA are here to help you answer these enquiries. More

Need help while you're travelling?

Discount cards

ID & discount cards

No matter where you go, there are always travellers deals or discounts. STA have a number of cards that will help you get money off selected: travel gear, hostels and hotels, food, drinks, and tours. More

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch

However long you are planning to travel, there is always a need to keep in touch with friends and family. Be it my phone, email or messenger, STA have all you need to know about ways to stay contact with the real world. more

Travel guides

Destination guides

Check out our travel guides full of reliable, comprehensive and independent travel information covering everything you need to know before you go - from tours and attractions to hotel and hostel prices, tips on speaking the language and traveller reviews plus heaps more. More

Top 10 tips

Top tips from STA travellers

Get the info from those who've been there, done that and got the t-shirt to prove it. We caught up with a few STA Travel customers to ask them what they consider to be the top tips for an enjoyable trip. More

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