Why do you need travel insurance?

Although we hope it doesn’t happen, things could go wrong while you are travelling!

From smaller injuries or getting the flu to serious accidents where you may need to spend time in hospital or flown back home, you can’t afford to be without cover.
Sporting or adventure accidents may be even more expensive because of the nature of the injuries or areas you may be in.

From flight and baggage delays to having to return home for a close relative's funeral, you may really be stuck with your travel plans - insurance will cover you for eventualities.

Are you serious?
Like we said, we hope you have a chilled holiday with no problems but check out the back of the brochure for some of the claims we have seen. It pays to rather be safe than sorry!
One call to Europ Assistance will keep you covered 24 hours of the day, worldwide, for those unexpected situations.

Yes, we know there are other insurance options, but do you have all the information?

Credit card Cover
• Is it comprehensive cover?
• Did you know they usually only cover you for up to 90 days?
• Are you aware of the high excess amounts?
• Any idea who to contact in the event of an emergency?

Medical aid
• Did you know they can only cover you for limited medical expenses?
• Are you aware that you have no cover for cancellation, personal accidents, baggage loss etc?
• Do you need to pay first and claim later?
• Will the money be deducted from your medical savings account?

UK National insurance
• Are you ready to wait up to 6 months to get set up?
• Are you aware its for health care in the UK only?
• Do you know you can’t travel to Europe without travel insurance?
You must purchase travel insurance prior to your departure… or you will end up paying pounds in the UK.

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