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The Work Exchange New Zealand program allows you to spend up to one incredible year experiencing New Zealand, creating unforgettable experiences and making friends from all over the world. The program provides you with everything you will need whilst working and travelling in New Zealand. The Work Exchange program is offered through our New Zealand partner, IEP (International Exchange Programs). IEP assists with Visa application, banking, tax, travel, socials and sourcing employment. On the program, participants are able to work in almost any job (legal of course). Participants find work mainly in restaurants, bars, offices, retail, agriculture, and ski resorts.

Why work in New Zealand?

This program is much more than just about the job and money, it’s a fun and exciting journey of cultural discovery. You will learn a lot about working with others and about yourself as well as add valuable work experience to your CV. Time after time participants tell us how the program has helped them gain independence, maturity and life skills that prepare them for the future and give them a head start in life. And all along the way, they have had a great time.


• You must be between the ages of 20-35.
• Currently studying or a recent graduate – tertiary level
• Recent or current work experience within field of study.
• Must be friendly, outgoing, engaging, positive, and professional with a strong work ethic.
• Must be able to commit to minimum 6 months working in New Zealand.
• Must hold a South African passport
• Provide a clear police clearance certificate