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STA Travel Careers

STA Travel is the world’s leader in student and youth travel, with a global network of over 400 stores worldwide. Our people are our backbone; they make this company what it is. And we believe travel is the best education; there’s nothing like travel to open the eyes, mind and heart. We’re here because we love what we do. And if we weren’t here, we’d be travelling too!
The opportunity to love your work. That’s the employment creed we live by and that’s the type of person we want to attract an application from. Does this sound like you? Read on.. Just come back from a working holiday? Well travelled and want to talk about it all day with others? Are you searching for the responsibility, advancement and excitement that is missing from your career?

Successful applicants will have:

Travelled to at least one other country as an independent traveller (after all, our consultants need to know their product intimately)
Exceptional communication skills
A determination to succeed
South African permanent residency or hold a current unrestricted work visa
Be able to work full-time

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the success story that is STA Travel. In return, we will provide you everything you need to have a fun, challenging and successful career.

STA Travel staff enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

Amazing travel incentives, bonuses and educational trips
Comprehensive and fully accredited training
Ongoing personal and professional development
Paid educational leave and annual study grant
Professional, progressive and fun culture
International opportunities with a global organisation 

We are a company of travellers and everyone from the Managing Director down passionately believes travel is the best education.
We have a casual but professional working environment. The branch environment is full of bright colours, you'll be a unique and valued member of the team.
There are targets to meet, and we reward our high achievers. Our top achievers every year participate in a ‘Big Trip’ with the GM.

We’re growing fast and we are continually on the look out for bright, honest, passionate travellers to share their love of travel. Essentially we are looking for great sales people so it is beneficial that you come to us with a background in sales.
You have probably seen our motto ‘We know because we go’. To honour that motto with our customers it is essential that you have a wealth of personal international travel experience. Generally we would expect that you have travelled through at least two continents (excluding Australia). Previous experience in the Travel and Tourism industry and / or a qualification in Travel and Tourism is also a bonus.
STA Travel is committed to the provision or promotional opportunities and career pathing for all staff. We will always endeavour to fill vacant positions from within the company.
Our people are the key to our success. Store Managers are critical to the success of our store network. We want to ensure that we are providing our people with every opportunity to grow and develop, ensuring they have the skills and attitude to meet any challenge they wish to take on.
"The Journey" is a career path within STA Travel:

The typical journey at STA Travel would be:

1. Travel Expert
2. Assistant Store Manager
3. Store Manager (small branch)
4. Store Manager (larger branch)
5. HO (Regional Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager, Product, Marketing etc)

Your success in obtaining one of these roles is heightened by your achievements and milestones you have reached during your "journey". Knowing what is valued and what is recognised by STA Travel, all staff can set their own goals and develop their 'Journey' at STA Travel.
How do we find you? The recruitment process:

If your application meets our selection criteria you can expect to be contacted about available positions anywhere from one day up to 5 working days after submitting your application. Our recruitment process consists of two main components.
Telephone interview

Your telephone interview will take place with our Training and Recruitment Manager. The telephone interview is a great way for us to find out a bit more about your background and work experience. We will also use this time to gain a clear picture of why you want to work for STA Travel and what your perception is of the role of a Travel Expert. During the telephone interview we will be actively assessing things like your sales and communication skills and your confidence.
The telephone interview is also an opportunity for us to provide you with a detailed picture of the position on offer as well as answer any questions you may have about STA Travel or the role of the Travel Expert.
Face to Face interview:

If successful in progressing to this stage, the interview will be conducted one on one with either our Training and Recruitment Manager or Sales Manager. You can expect this interview to last for up to two hours. Throughout this time we will again be assessing things like your communication skills, confidence with sales skills. You may be required to participate in a role-play and computer-based exercises.
The face to face interview also provides you with an opportunity to understand, the store environment and make sure you have all your questions answered.
So Why STA Travel?

People who work for us are the embodiment of our brand. They have a sense of purpose and thrive on innovation. They work for STA Travel because they believe we change lives for the better.

Our travellers love us because we are people just like them. We listen and we understand what they want. And we never forget the excitement, adventure, surprise and thrill of travel. Our team has been, seen and experienced, and they’re advising from personal knowledge.

Do I need formal travel-related qualification?
While completing a travel course is advantageous, it’s not essential. A travel course will give you a solid understanding of the role of a Travel Expert and how to operate the various booking systems.

I haven’t worked in the industry before, do you only look for people with industry experience?
No, you don’t need to have industry experience in order to work with STA Travel as a Travel Adviser. We look for people with the ability to sell, proven customer service experience, and people who have been travellers themselves.
From there we will provide ongoing training from the time you commence employment with STA Travel.

Which branch will I be working in?
All of our Travel Experts are employed for the province. This means that we can’t necessarily guarantee you will be working in the closest branch to your home, it just depends on where the vacancies exist.

What is the training like?
It’s great! Our trainer has been a Travel Expert herself so she not only teaches you how to use the systems, but also gives you her general advise on how to sell, and how to make a lot of money.
Training starts when you commence employment with STA Travel, and it is ongoing. We believe there is no limit to what you can learn. The training program is designed to keep you motivated, and to keep you ahead of the ongoing industry changes. Our trainer is internal, and therefore is always available for ongoing support.

How much will I earn?
Honestly, as much as you like. Our advisers work in a retail sales environment, and therefore are rewarded for their sales. The more you sell the more you earn. The STA Travel Incentives Scheme is designed to keep you motivated to sell travel and provide consistently high levels of service to your customers. Your salary will consist of monthly and annual incentives that are based on both individual and team performance, as well as your base salary.
Essentially, the sky is the limit. It is really up to you how quickly you overcome the hurdle of the steep learning curve, and how much you want to sell.