Ski Season USA

General Overview 

Have you ever considered working in the USA over your summer holidays? If you are currently enrolled as a full time student at an accredited tertiary institution, you qualify for this amazing opportunity. This is not about making heaps of dollars or focusing on your career. This is all about the experience, and living and working in the USA during their winter which falls conveniently over your summer holidays.

Picture this…working at a ski resort by day (from hospitality placements to working on the slopes) and being an adventurer by night, all this is possible on the SKI Season USA programme.

Pre-arranged jobs with accommodation, visa assistance….. you’re in good hands. Travel with your mates or entirely on your own; this is an experience of a life time. This can only be done while you’re a student, so don’t miss out!

Basic Requirements

• Aged between 18-28 years
• Must be a full time student at an accredited tertiary institution in South Africa
• Must have no criminal record
• Funds to travel