UK Visa Tier 1 - General Application

On the 30th June 2008 the UK Home Office implemented across the world the first stage of their new immigration scheme. In so doing the very popular HSMP visa for the UK has been removed and has been replaced by what is now called a Tier 1 General application.

The Tier 1 category is made up of various ‘sub-categories’ and you can apply either as a General applicant, Investor, Entrepreneur, or Post Study. All of these categories are points based and require individuals to meet a minimum points requirement.

The Tier 1 category of immigration to the UK is designed to attract professionals and their families to the UK.

The Tier 1 General is similar to that of the old HSMP visa.

Applicants are now however required to obtain 95 points instead of 75 points, and although there are essentially still 'two' applications to be made, they are made at the same time and they are made to the British High Commission in your home country, and not to WPUK in the UK as was previously the case with the old HSMP points application.

Individuals will now need to complete an Appendix 1 form as well as a VAF9 form, ensure that they supply the correct supporting evidence and submit it to the British High Commission, via their nearest VFS Office, for assessment.

The new point’s categories are broken down as follows:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Prior studies/UK work experience

You'll need to obtain 75 points in these categories in order to qualify. This points section is essentially the same as the previous HSMP scheme.

  • English language

Individuals must meet this requirement in order to be issued with a further 10 points. There are various ways in which people can meet this requirement – such as having completed their qualification at a certain university in a certain year, or having written an approved English language exam and passed it at a certain level.

This is a mandatory category – even if you claim 95 points by obtaining maximum points in the first section, and therefore don't need to claim any points in this category, the application will be refused.

  • Maintenance Requirement.

Individuals now need to show a certain amount of money in their bank accounts over a 3 month period in order to satisfy this requirement and be awarded a further 10 points in this category.  If the applicant is hoping to take dependants with them to the UK then this amount increases by an amount per dependant (be aware of the fluctuating exchange rate).  Therefore, making up the new 95 point requirement for the Tier 1 General Migrants scheme.

As part of the implementation of the new Tier 1 scheme the UK government also closed various other immigration routes on the 30th June 2008 and these were:

  • Business people
  • Fresh talent working in Scotland
  • Innovators
  • International graduates scheme
  • Investors
  • Writers, composers, artists

Cost of program is from R4,000.Expected earnings varies based on position.

Visa information: Must qualify under British Immigration Points based system. 

Program prices subject to change with exchange rate and do not include visa fees at the consulates, flights or spending money.

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