Check out our new Backpacker by STA Travel store in Cape Town, South Africa!

Welcome fair-spirited traveller, you found us! Run by backpackers, for backpackers, Backpacker by STA Travel is your new one stop shop for advice, adventures and awesomeness on the road. With Backpacker stores popping up all over the world, including Australia, Asia and now South Africa, call in to meet other travellers, find a flat mate, a car share or a date (maybe, we do have free Wi-Fi) and to find the best deals on hostels, day trips, travel passes, tours and flights. 


So now when you're wandering around Cape Town, temporarily homeless and mysteriously wearing just one gold shoe, come see us for the friendliest local advice, best backpacker deals, hostel info and free Wi-Fi.

Run by backpackers, for backpackers

The neon orange love child of STA Travel and a local tour kiosk, we've been trusted by travellers since 1979. As backpackers, we're seasoned experts at a) always finding the cheapest trips, hostels and flights b) chatting up other backpackers, and c) locating happy hours...



The best deals on any adventure

We've spent 35+ years waking up in strange bunk beds, trying out cool new trips (as well as a few things we probably shouldn't have) and flirting with the best local tour companies. So not only do we guarantee to have the hottest deals, but we also have the best quality products.

It's a place to find your tribe

We're the place where you first met your travel buddy, flatmate or husband; the place fondly remembered at wedding speeches and cited in divorce courts. Call in to meet other backpackers, get the local gossip or at the very least, charge your phone and steal our Wi-Fi.

9 to 5 is for wimps, we're here 24/7

As travellers, we're no stranger to the 24 hour clock or 3am backpacker booty calls. So if you do find yourself needing help on the wrong side of midnight, you can contact our customer services team 24/7 on Twitter @STATravelCares for assistance … with your bookings, clearly.

Find us in Cape Town, South Africa

We are located inside a vibey Backpackers at 91 Loop Street in the city centre of Cape Town. We're open 7 days a week, so feel free to pop in anytime! Let us direct you to the nearest bar, book the perfect day trip or help you onto the next adventure.

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