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Explore Britain by Rail:

There is just something great about travelling by rail around Britain. We believe it is the grand architecture of the historic railway stations in Britain, the beautiful senses of the vast countryside or the small villages passing by the window. Whatever it is we suggest you try traveling Britain by training, using, exclusive to STA Travel BritRail Train Tickets.

BritRail's range of rail passes offers unlimited train trips on each travel day as you journey across England, Scotland and Wales. Choose the BritRail pass that best suits your itinerary and hop on and off the train at exciting destinations like Edinburgh, London and Cardiff! What better way to visit Britain’s historic castles and countless landmarks than by train?

Book by 31st March 2020 and save 15% on your BritRail Pass! Terms and conditions apply


How to travel around Britain by rail:

A Britrail pass gives you the ability to travel across the entire national rail network of Great Britain and offers fantastic value for money.

Standard Class
Standard Class carriages in Britain offers you a good quality comfortable seat and the chance to reserve your seat, especially for the longer journeys. T&Cs apply.
First Class
First-Class carriages are often quieter, offer wider seats and more legroom than Standard Class. First Class often has a buffet car or trolley with refreshments on longer journeys. In some cases, First Class services include snacks and drinks at your seat with free Wi-Fi. First Class carriages are nearly all equipped with power sockets, and often offer complimentary newspapers and ticket upgrades. T&Cs apply.
Consecutive Pass
BritRail Passes give you travel for as many days as you choose continuously in a row. For example, an 8 day consecutive pass that starts on 11th February will expire at the end of 18th February, making 8 straight days of travel.

Choose between 3, 4, 8, 5, 22 or 30 consecutive days. T&Cs apply.

Standard Class From R2,455


First Class From R3,405

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Flexible Pass
BritRail passes give you travel for as many days as you choose within one month. For example, an 8 day flexible pass that starts on 11th February will expire on 10th March and you have 8 individual days of travel (of your choice) to use between these dates.

Choose between 3, 4 or 8 days within 1 month or 15 days within 2 months. T&Cs apply.

Standard Class From R2,125


First Class From R3,075

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1. Destinations closer than you think


2. Connectivity: Britain has over 2,500 train stations, so you can reach all parts of Britain easily by rail. This will give you more time to enjoy your chosen destinations.


3. BritRail offers great value for money: The BritRail Pass offers incredible savings on rail travel in Britain.


4. Beautiful scenic journeys: Enjoyable and relaxing way to travel. Experience the villages, towns and countryside’s from the comfort of your seat.


5. Onboard experience: Wi-Fi, power sockets, toilets, refreshments (food and drinks), First Class options, quiet coaches, luggage conveyance and assistance for disabled/ passengers with reduced mobility

Terms and conditions

For full Terms and Conditions on each product, please ask your Travel Expert at the time of booking or enquiry