Cruise Ship Photography

Work, earn and travel as a photographer on a cruise ship! See the world before you settle down!

Our partner joined forces with another Recruitment Company and Cruise Line to better your chances on a photographic career at sea! The Cruise Ship Photography Course was custom designed according to their technical standards and the only South African Training Certificate accepted by the Cruise Ship Photographic industry. This stamp of approval will equip you with the necessary skills to enhance your chances when applying for employment on one of the fastest growing cruise lines in the word.



Programme Overview

Are you a hard working dynamic and customer orientated person with a keen interest in photography? Are you fluent in English and or another European language?

Make use of this opportunity to invest in your future. No previous photography experience needed but you will have to go through an application process & meet the requirements to be accepted on the course.

An application screening process will determine whether you meet the requirements to be accepted on the Cruise Ship Photography training; however certain personality and attitudinal issues can only be documented during training. Your level of expertise will be carefully evaluated in order to be accepted on the 3, 2 or 1 week entry points:

Comprehensive Photography Course – R3,900
This Intensive full time Photography Course is custom designed for approved applicants with no photography experience. Applicants must have a strong interest in photography or do photography as a hobby. Sales or customer service experience will be to your advantage. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite to be accepted on the following 2 courses.

Social Photography Course – R3,500
This course is for approved photographers with Certified Photographic and Photoshop Training as well as 2 or 3 years’ extensive freelance experience. This applicant does not have sufficient Social photography experience or Studio knowledge. This 1 week full time training is a prerequisite to be accepted on the below 1 week Cruise Ship Photography training.

Cruise Ship Photography Course – R3,500
This 1 week full time training is strictly offered to approved and experienced photographers with a Photographic Degree or Diploma at an Accredited Institution with 2 years extensive experience in social and studio photography in the industry and sufficient Photoshop experience. The training is designed and aimed at preparing photographers with a thorough knowledge of photography at sea.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be referred to the recruitment Agency. The Recruitment Agency will be conducting a final interview on the last training day and will furnish you with the results thereof once they have processed your application.

Working on board as a ship’s photographer is more than just a job, it is a lifestyle. Cruise ship work is not for everyone and it is important that you understand what it is like before making a commitment.

If you are prone to homesickness, this may not be the career for you.

Basic Requirements

o Age group 21-35;
o Fluent in English;   
o Healthy. Applicants with serious health concerns will unfortunately not be able to apply.  (asthma, diabetes, heart problems, back problems etc) 
o No visible tattoos;
o No criminal record;
o Valid holder of a permanent South African passport (unfortunately no temporary or student visas)
o You will need sufficient funds to pay for medical examination, course fees, visa and accommodation