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New month, new travel deals. Every month we'll update this page with a bunch of new offers that will help you to get out and explore our beautiful planet. Go volunteering, learn a new skill, study abroad, take a gap year, or just go and chill TFO on a beach somewhere... whatever your vibe, we can sort you out. 
It's your Thai'm now!
Take a step back as Thailand throws everything it's got at you; friendly people, sacred sites from days gone by and the best beaches...oh, the beaches *sigh*. Laze on pure white sands and dunk yourself in sparkling blue seas on the Thai Islands, explore Chiang Mai or bag yourself a bargain at a Bangkok market...
Thailand Packages from R9,990
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Bali is part of the Indonesian Archipelago and is located only a hop, skip and a jump off the eastern point of Java. Lombok is a further 35km across the water. Prepare to become a millionaire! R1,000 should get you at least a million Rupiah. Unfortunately your newly found wealth will only get you about 120 beers, which might not be enough...
Bali Packages from R10,990
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Up to 20% off Latin America Tours
You could spend years discovering everything that Latin America has to offer, making it one of the best destinations for big overland trips and Gap Year travel. Head to South America for some of the world-famous landmarks of Machu Picchu or Christ the Redeemer, or take a shorter trip to the beaches of Costa Rica and Mexico.
G Adventure tours from R8,219
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Up to 35% off Contiki Europe Tours!
Up to 35% off Contiki Europe Summer 2020 Tours! You'll save BIG! Save an extra 5% on your next tour if you've travelled with us before.
Contiki Europe Summer Tours from R6,559
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Fiesta in Brazil
Home to exotic wildlife, rainforest-clad sandy beaches, otherworldly national parks, charming colonial towns and the intoxicating Rio Carnival, it’s no wonder that Brazil is a highly sought-after destination for daring backpackers and adventure-seekers.
On sale from R13,490
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Siesta in Argentina
Buenos Aires is a European style city with a Latin American heart and a carnivore’s appetite. It takes two to tango and in Buenos Aires you won’t be short of partners – take a lesson or watch a show to get into the groove.
On sale from R14,490
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Fiesta & Siesta
This holiday package encompasses the best of both of Brazil & Argentina. Brazil is one big festival of sound, colour, sights and smells and Argentina is proud of its heritage and culture. What's not to like?
On sale from R16,690
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Just Launched: Pure Singapore
With its irresistible mix of Chinese and Malaysian food, tropical climate and amazing shopping, Singapore is the perfect stopover destination for any trip to South East Asia.
From R13,490
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Phuket & Singapore
Get beyond the modern airport and delve into Singpore's vibrant city lifestyle and try this combo package that emcompasses a urban and beach getaway with Phuket.
From R16,490
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Bali & Singapore
Indulge in the delights of Singapore, whether that's shopping till you drop, eating treats in the hawker stalls, or sipping a Singapore Sling. Then head off to Bali for a combo package like no other.
From R15,990
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