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Unlimited rail travel in up to 28 European countries!
Ideal for customers who want the freedom to explore as much of the European continent as possible they can travel as much or as little as they like within their chosen pass duration. With passes starting from 5 days through to 3 months and with flexi options as well they are only restricted by their own time constraints.

Eurail Global Pass FR. R3,825 SAVE R1,480

Giving flexibility to travel pretty much anywhere in 24 countries, the original Eurail pass is still going strong! Opt for a 'flexi' pass – gives you either 10 or 15 travel days you can use whenever you choose within a two-month period. If you'd rather see Europe spontaneously, opt for a 'continuous' pass which allows you to travel wherever and whenever you like within your chosen pass duration.
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Eurail 4 Country Pass FROM R2,925

Choose your favourite four adjoining countries, work out how many travel days you need (within a two-month period) and find a Select Pass right for you. You'll save heaps by only paying for the countries you want to see. Note: France is once again part of the Select Pass.
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Eurail 3 Country Pass FROM R2,735

Available in 19 countries (but sadly not in France, Germany, Switzerland or Great Britain), these small but perfectly-formed passes give 3-15 days travel within a one-month or two-month period. Some of the smaller countries, such as Slovenia/Croatia and Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg count as one country.
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Eurail 2 Country Pass FROM R2,255

If you only want to focus on a couple of countries this pass is for you featuring between 3-10 days travel within a two-month period.
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All bookings are accepted and all passes are issued on the express condition that STA Travel is not responsible nor liable for any loss (consequential or otherwise); damage (including, but not limited to, loss of, or damage to passengers' clothes, baggage, property, whatsoever); death, injury, delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused by, or arising from, or in connection with, any defect in any train, vehicle or other land or sea conveyance used, rented, or traveled in; or through the negligence, willful misconduct, strikes, or other acts, defaults, or omissions of any railroad carrier, car rental or other provider of goods and services.

Travel on a Eurail pass is subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations imposed by the European rail, shipping, bus or other companies, firms, or persons concerned.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.