Top 10 tips for travelling to Bali

Thinking about travelling to Bali then check out Anna’s tips on making your trip to Bali worthwhile. Anna is a Student Ambassador and is an expert on Bali

1. Research and plan – You will get the most out of Bali if you have talked to people that have already been over there and can suggest places to explore and eat at.

2. Have the correct money for your visa ready for when you arrive in Bali.

3. Stay at a few different hotels in different areas – I know this may be annoying, but it is definitely worth it! You will experience a lot more culture staying further inland, and it saves you long days driving to tourist attractions if you are already close by.

4. Be a vegetarian in Bali – Not only is it the safer option, but a lot of the restaurants and cafes in Bali serve mainly vegetarian and vegan food, which is a great experience to try! If you are staying in Ubud go to Café Vespa, their meals are a 10/10 and very cheap.

5. Be adventurous – The cost of everything in Bali is fairly low, so try those activities you have always wanted to do. I would definitely recommend parasailing, which was an incredible experience.

6. Avoid shopping in Seminyak, Legian, Kuta or other touristy areas – If you travel inland away from the touristy areas the prices are dramatically cheaper. There are great markets in Ubud, near the Monkey Forest, and don’t forget to barter the prices down!

7. Any hotel is a good hotel – Bali is the place to stay at a hotel. There are so many hotels you can stay at with almost all of them being safe, practical and luxurious. Don’t think you have to stay at an expensive hotel to be safe, the affordable hotels are just as good.

8. The best coconut ice-cream in the world – If you are in Ubud you have to go to Tukies Café. They have remarkable deserts including coconut ice-cream and fresh young coconuts to drink.

9. Other Islands – If you have time plan a day trip or overnight trip to an island such as The Gili Islands. It is a remarkable experience with most islands using horse and cart and push bikes to get around.

10. Make the most of each moment and enjoy your trip!

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