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Why travel with us?

We're the world's largest student and youth travel company

STA Travel started out back in 1979 with just one mission: to create affordable adventures for awesome humans. Since then we've launched apps, award-winning film projects, digital music platforms and pioneered charity campaigns. We've crossed borders to push boundaries, walked unfamiliar paths to find new friends, and got lost to discover the places we love.

We've done all these things, but our philosophy has never changed. We're still the place to #StartTheAdventure. And now, it's your turn.

we know because we go

We travel, therefore we are

Here's how we see it. If you're going to book a trip, you should book with travellers. Our Travel Experts are worldly-wise, well-travelled and can pack a 60 litre backpack in two minutes flat.

sta travel cares

We are 24/7/365

We know how important it is to feel safe on the road. That's why we're online and on the phone 24 hours a day to help resolve issues quickly, so that you can get back on with the fun stuff.

original round the world experts

We are the experts

We've been trusted by travellers for over 40 years. We work with the world's leading airlines, touring partners and ground handlers to create experiences that are real, authentic and responsible.

book now pay later

We make it happen for less

We know that the earlier you book, the cheaper your trip will be. That's why you can now lock in the lowest priced airfares and best flight times with just a R1,000 deposit, paying the balance 30 days before you fly. T&Cs apply.

We're about exploring, not exploiting

For us, travelling isn't about bucket lists or bragging rights. We believe that travel has the power to break down boundaries and leave a positive imprint on communities. Find out how we're making a stand below.

blueticket flights

We are young and free (mostly)

The world's largest airline network for students and under 31s, our famous BlueTickets have been flying the young and the studious around the planet on the lowest and most flexible airfares since 1979. T&Cs apply.

STA Travel on social responsibility

Our industry-leading animal welfare policy has already seen us audit and remove almost 4,000 tours and activities, our voluntourism codes of conduct are ensuring that the projects we work with are supporting local communities via sustainability rather than dependency, and our global teen cancer partnership has already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Our social responsibility

We are Generation FLEXI

It's simple: your adventure, your rules. As travellers, we don't like to feel tied down. We want flexible payments instore, flexible dates on the road, and we want to feel embraced for changing our minds, not penalised for it. That's why we created FLEXI. Flexible flights, tours, packages, day trips... finally. Terms and conditions apply
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We are responsible

We operate a comprehensive customer safety policy, constantly assessing our operations and withdrawing any products or properties where our health and safety standards or company values are compromised. Quite simply, if it's not safe, we won't sell it.