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Keen to study abroad? We can make your wish come true.


Deciding which international university to apply to is an important decision, made harder if you are unfamiliar with the processes, which is why you need guidance. Our Partners can assist self-funded students to study overseas by handling the application and student visa process. Counselling students is part of the process, in making the best decisions and where necessary, assisting students in secure on-campus accommodation and airport pick-up.


The offices are IELTS booking centres and are also a registered UCAS centres for all UK university applications.

What can you expect if you meet all the requirements?

- Counselling every student individually to find out what their needs are and on what campus, and country they are interested in

- Assisting students on exactly what documents are required to apply and how they need to be verified

- Assisting with admissions and placement at international universities

- Assisting with obtaining student accommodation

- Assisting with student visa applications

Some of the places that we can assist you with in studying overseas

- Studying in the UK or Ireland

- Studying in Australia

- Studying in the USA

- Studying in Canada

- Studying in New Zealand

- Studying in select European countries

- Studying in Dubai


  • Valid passports
  • Valid docs of previous studies (Matric/Level A/Post grad/Degree)
  • Sufficient funds to cover tuition
  • Motivational letter
  • 2 reference letters from previous teachers or lectures
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