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3 month exchange programme

Work & Travel USA is an exchange visitors programme designed to achieve the educational objectives of international and cultural exchange by involving young adults in the daily life of the United States through temporary employment opportunities, and to then return home to share their experiences. Today's global markets require international work experience, and the value added by working in the USA is immeasurable to students from South Africa.

Why work & travel America?

Students are able to work in almost any job (legally of course) and anywhere in the United States. There are two different options for getting work in the United States on this programme. You can source your own employment (non-placement option), or our international partners have a number of seasonal employers who hire large volumes of staff during certain seasons of the year (full placement option). Most of these employers are looking for students to work in entry level positions in hotels, ski resorts and the like.

Full time students are eligible to work in the United States for the length of the end-of-year university holidays, or for a maximum of 2.5 months. After students finish their work commitment, the programme allows and encourages participants to have an optional travel period to see the USA first hand.


• You must be between 18-28
• A current, full-time, registered degree-level student, studying at any tertiary institute in SA
• Must be friendly, outgoing, positive, professional, & have a strong work ethic
• Must be returning to full time studies after your program
• Students of all nationalities can apply (provided they are registered for a full time degree at any tertiary institute is South Africa)


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